Motorcycle Club (MC) Members Only Group Discounts available now at Leather Lollipop! If you are in a motorcycle club and your club members are looking for new leather jackets, leather chaps, leather vests, and other motorcycle leathers, this is the place to buy. Group discounts offered in our MC MEMBERS ONLY Department.

We offer this discount when you purchase multiple members jackets together with one purchase being shipped to the same address at the same time. In this way, we can offer discounts to Motorcycle Club members.

If your club is looking for a place to buy new leather jackets or leather vests, do it as a group and save $$$! Get your orders together, make sure everyone measures and knows what size to order. Free shipping available for the first order, however, any size exchanges will have shipping paid for by the customer. So, measure carefully and you'll get the right size!

Also, as an added bonus, we will feature your motorcycle club's information on this website for free. You may take a picture of your members wearing the items they purchased from us for extra added free advertising on this website.

All motorcycle clubs are welcome. Motorcycle model clubs, such as Harley Davidson clubs, Yamaha clubs, Honda clubs, Ducati clubs, BMW clubs, Custom Chopper clubs, American made bikes, foreign made bikes, German bikes, Japanese bikes, and others.

Clubs with professional affiliations such as policeman motorcycle clubs, firemen motorcycle clubs, doctors motorcycle clubs, lawyers motorcycle clubs, construction workers clubs, and others.

Also welcome are motorcycle club members with religious affiliations, Christian bikers, Protestant bikers, Catholic bikers, and any others.

Perhaps your motorcyle club accepts all people, bikes, etc. and is based on geographic location, you are also welcome to purchase here using our special discounts for groups. Use your motorcycle club membership buying power to save big bucks here!

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