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Knives & Swords

Knives & Swords

Leather Lollipop if proud to offer a new line of giftware.  Many of our knives and swords have Lifetime Warranties from the manufacturers! We offer Fantasy Knives, Gravedigger Knives, Sorcerer Swords, Medieval Knight Letter Openers, Steak Knives, Cutlery Knives, Spanish Style Swords, Swords with Wood Stands, and much more! These knives and swords will make a great gift for the collector or might get someone started on a new collection!

**DISCLAIMER**  Leather Lollipop will in no way be responsible for the use of these knives and swords. These are sold to be used as collectible items. When you order these knives or swords you are stating that you are of legal age in your county or state or country to buy such items. You are also stating that it is legal for you to buy such items.

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