Show you are PROUD to be an America Biker!

American Biker Pride Helmets and Leathers. Show your American pride and be proud of your American heritage. Wear leather jackets with our USA flag, wear motorcycle helmets with our American flag on it. We have much to be proud of and we live in the best nation on earth, be PROUD of it and show it!

We offer bikers and anyone who wants to show their pride in their American heritage, USA flag leather jackets, USA flag leather gloves, American flag motorcycle helmets, and more.  If you love this great nation, wear the flag with pride. While some may cut us down, show them that our flag cannot be put down. Remember 9-11, remember all who lost their lives while fighting for OUR freedom. Wear your colors of red, white, and blue, and KNOW that you help the moral of those overseas fighting for our freedom and the freedom of others. Leather Lollipop is an American company and proud of it.

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